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  1. The client must be prepared to be picked-up 45 minutes prior to the pick-up time and 15 minutes after the pick up time (If an ICPTA vehicle arrives during this time frame, it is considered on time).
  2. It is the client's responsibility to be ready and waiting when the ICPTA vehicle arrives.
  3. Passengers should wait at a main entrance or curbside if they are capable and if weather permits.
  4. ICPTA drivers will only wait a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes for a client to board the bus. If a client does not attempt to board the bus during this allotted time a NO SHOW notice will be issued.
  5. Cancellations for transportation services should be received by 12:00 PM the day prior to the trip.
  6. Late Cancellations must be received before the vehicle is in motion to pick the client up.