Transportation is a service, which provides travel to or from service providers, community resources and / or other designated areas.

The ICPTA fleet of buses and vans are equipped with special features to transport the handicapped, the elderly and the general public. For instance, vans are designed for easy boarding and off-loading for passengers who need assistance.

In addition, vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts mounted at the rear and at the side for easy and safe loading and off- loading. An important part of ICPTA’s service is the timely delivery of passengers to their designation. This enhances the programs reliability and trust with contracted agencies and the public. Drivers are required to participate in road training, on-the-job training, emergency operating training, and periodic safety meetings.

ICPTA Program Goals

To enhance passenger accessibility in rural areas to health care, shopping, education, employment, public services, and recreation. To assist in the maintenance, development, improvement, and use of public transportation systems in rural areas. To encourage and facilitate the most efficient and effective use of Federal, State, and Local funds to provide quality passenger transportation through coordination of local programs and services in ICPTA’s service area.